Current project in GlobalConnect

  • SKI Implementation program: Program manager with 6 sub-projects to prepare and execute implementation of internet connections Danish State and 48 Danish municipalities
  • Implementation projects: Glostrup Kommune, Herlev Kommune, Rudersdal Kommune

Recent projects in Telenor


  • CRM Business (2020-2021): B2B Project lead for implementing basic Salesforce CRM solution for Business organization. TCS acted as technical implementation partner.
    • Project included:
      • Gathering user needs and business use cases and setting up business case and project scope.
      • Analysis and recommendation between Microsoft and Salesforce CRM systems
      • Alignment with group strategy and policies
      • RfP and vendor selection for technical implementation partner
      • Commercial negotiations and contract validation
      • Project and resource follow up with purely remote resources and virtual project environment, based on daily stand-ups and sprint meetings
      • Actual development and implementation within 4 months
      • Weekly Steerco meetings and other various reporting

  • 3G Sunset (2020): B2B Project lead for B2B part in analyzing and notifying customers of future closing of 3G network to expand 4G and prepare for 5G network. Very important for customer relations, as especially B2B customers with M2M communication need to replace 3G only devices involving very long notices.
    • Project included:

      • Gathering data on magnitude and customer impact in various segments

      • Clarifying mitigating alternatives and customer approach

      • Setting up communication approach and templates

      • Prepare plan and schedule for communication to customers

      • Establish reporting and monitoring structure

      • Setting up FAQ both internally and externally

  • Emergency Response task force (2019):
    Project lead/coordinator for handling internal and external
    responses and initiatives due to breaches in procedures and
    consequently serious negative press reviews.

  • Elgiganten (2019): B2C. Stand in project lead/supervisor for
    implementation of Elgiganten as new sales channel due to

  • PSD2 (2019): B2C Project lead for clarifying urgency and responses for new PSD2 legislation and impact on existing systems and processes.
    • Project included:
      • Analyzing current processes and identifying compliance issues with new legislation
      • Industry alignment to change/postpone date of effectuation
      • Plan for necessary changes to systems and processes
      • Frequent reporting to Steerco and stakeholders

  • Channel Transformation (2018-2019): B2C Program lead for 18 projects involving aprx. 100 resources to transform channel (retail and online) concepts and organizations, improve sales and cost efficiency.
    Project lead for subprojects, amongst new retail low-cost formats, retail footprint, stock management and Online/Retail/Customer service convergence.
    • Project included:

      • Project lead for 5 subprojects: new retail low-cost formats, retail footprint, retail stock management, retail sales closing and Online/Retail/Customer service convergence.
      • Program coordination and management reporting on progress, risk and issues
      • Steerco presentations and meetings
      • Testing new retail concepts through focus groups, mock-ups and live
      • Testing on-line video concept for customer service/retail convergence


      Resulted amongst other savings and improvements in new retail concept: Telenor Box, currently in test in Roskilde and Odense.

  • FMC-Light (2017): B2C Program lead for implementation of first deliveries from FMC-Full: Switch of handsets, fixed broadband, digitalization of customer processes and journeys, digital billing, Mobile Broad Band.
    • Project included:

      • Communication and go-to-market initiatives
      • Migration of customers to new portfolio

      • Development and implementation of new digital customer processes with no paper/invoices/contracts/signature

  • FMC-Full (2017): B2C Fixed-Mobile-convergence project to develop new customer friendly product portfolio and customer journeys.

  • Transformation (2016-2017):  B2C Project lead for new simplified billing solution to remove paper invoices, digitalize communication and improve customer experience.

  • MM4M (2016): (Much More for More) B2C Project lead to introduce new product portfolio including roaming, Viaplay offer and migration of customers to new price plans.

  • One-stop-Shop (2015-2016): B2B Project lead to develop new collaboration product together with sub-contractor/partner to integrate switchboard solution in portfolio including support-operation.

  • New Insurance (2015): B2C Project lead to replace mobile device insurance solution with new partner. Negotiations and settlement with former partner, contract with new partner; implementation IT and go-to-market.